The Belize Rainforest

The Belize RainforestBelize, foremly known as the British Honduras, is located on the north eastern coast of Central America. Much of the country is dominated by wilderness that is preserved by the government. This unspoiled and pristine wilderness contributes to the majority of the development of tourism and economical resources of this country. The Belize rainforest is a home to more than 4000 species of flowers and more than 500 species of birds. This tropical forest offers shelter to a number of wild cats and animals, such as armadillos, crocodiles, pumas, jaguars, ocelots and more.

Birds and Reptiles

The Belize rainforest houses about 543 species of birds. Birds such as spoonbills and grebes are commonly found in its jungles. You can see the blue-crowned motmot, a bird with a long tail with a tip similar to a tennis racket and jabiru storks, the largest birds in Belize. You can also see varieties of lizards, snakes, iguanas and other venomous reptiles in the interiors of the jungle.

Plants and Trees

There are more than a thousand species of plants and trees found in the rainforest of Belize. There are around 250 species of orchids alone and many air plants that grow on other plants. Out of the many trees that are famous, the towering breadfruit tree that bears fruits, that can be ground into flour for cooking is the popular one. The poison wood tree with sap that causes blisters on your skin is widely seen in this forest.

Wild Cats and other Animals

Jaguar, margay, ocelot and puma are the four wild cats that are found in the heart of the rainforest. Though hunting has made the population of these wild cats, specifically the jaguar, sparse, the government is taking steps to protect the endangered species. The pumas, also called mountain lions, are the biggest wildcats living in the Belize forest. Besides these wildcats, there are other smaller animals. Howler monkeys howl so loudly that their sound can be heard miles away; they are endangered species that are protected by the country’s authorities. Gibnuts, which also inhabit this forest, are huge rodents that weigh at least 20lbs. Coatimundi, a long tailed animal and a pig-like tapir are other common mammals seen in the rainforest along the rivers.

Toledo is the southernmost district of Belize. It is dominated by rainforest, rivers, mountains and Mayan villages. Due to the extensive domination of nature, this place is very sparsely populated. It is rarely visited by tourists so the natives call it “the forgotten land”. However, for those who are interested in unique adventures, this part of the country is the best place to come.

The Belize rainforests attract many professional and amateur horticulturists from various parts of the world. Hundreds of species are guarded and protected in the sanctuaries that are managed and maintained by the Belize Audobon society.

Vacation in Belize Rainforest

The wide range of mountains and rainforests brimming with exotic, birds, flora and fauna attract thousands of tourists every year. They also come here to see the remains of Mayan civilization and ancient temples and pyramids. The coral islands set in the turquoise waters is another reason for the tourists to spend their vacations in Belize.

In the western part of the country sits Xunantunich an archaeological site, which represents the Mayan culture, civilization and their lifestyle. Lamanai and other nearby places consist of unexcavated ruins buried in jungles. When you take a boat ride in New River, you can see a number of crocodiles, fish, turtles, Howler monkeys and many species of birds and animals, which are most likely to peer at you.

Visit to the Belize Rainforest

If you are a nature lover and would like to wander into the rainforests of Belize, you can contact tour agents and companies that organize tours and adventure camps in Belize. A vacation to Belize, far from chaotic and stressful routines would be a great choice for individuals and families. You can certainly find peace in the Mayan caves and serene rain forests amid the chirping birds and exotic animals. Vacationing in Belize is quite affordable. You can find economic accommodations, food and even sightseeing trips. If you wish to explore the forests thoroughly, you must book a forest resort, which again won’t be too expensive.

The hotels in the Belize Rainforest offer you a peaceful and quiet ambiance. The rooms are usually furnished with all the necessary amenities and furniture. The hotels offer you a global menu, wine, four square meals and amenities. The hotels will arrange guided tours for their guests. There are guides available that speak English and various other languages.

While you are enjoying the rainforest, don’t forget about the Great Blue Hole.